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Implement a salary adjustment for your employees

If you need to change your employees' salary, you can create a request on the platform.

To do so:

  • Navigate to the Salary revision tab on the left side menu

  • Select the + Salary revision button

A new window will open:

  • Select the employee: you will be able to see their current annual salary and job position

  • Provide the new salary that the employee will receive

  • Select the month from which the new salary will be effective

  • If the employee has been promoted or their job responsibilities have been changed, you can easily type in the new job title and description. Please note that this step is optional

  • Click on the Create button to finish adding the request

The new request will be added to the Pending tab. If you need to make changes to your request, select the Edit button and modify the data.

If you have created the request by mistake, you can cancel it as well by selecting the Cancel Request button:

⚠️ You are able to edit or cancel the request ONLY when the status is set to Pending. Once the status is changed, you are not allowed to make any modifications to the request

Once you create the request, the Remofirst local provider will receive the notification and will start the signing process of the contract amendment with the employee. If the agreement will be signed on time, the new salary will be applied from the selected month.

⚠️ Please note that if the salary change was requested past the cut-off date, payroll adjustments will be made in the next payroll cycle. Please inform your customer success manager from Remofirst as soon as the change is confirmed to process the paperwork swiftly.