Contractor payment: on-demand invoicing

When it's time to pay your team of contractors - just feel free to rely on this article!

Add new payment

  • Navigate to your Dashboard and select Pay contractorsplatform image
  • You can pay your contractors based on the payment cycles in the contracts. In addition, you can perform on-demand invoicing if you want to initiate a new payment outside the payment cycle. Click on the + New payment button to do so.platform image
  • Select a contractor from the list.platform image
  • If you wish to provide payment for the whole team, please select the checkbox belowplatform image
  • Choose the payment period and click Generateplatform image
  • A newly generated payment for the selected period will appear here.platform image
  • If you need to pay your contractor any other amount without binding it to their rate, switch to the Pay any amount tabplatform image
  • Select the contractor, enter the amount, and currency, and define the dates. Click Generate.
  • After that, your payment will be added here as well.platform image

Generate an invoice

Now, you can generate an invoice. To do so:

  • Select the payments and click on the Create an invoice for # contractors button
    platform image
  • Done! Your invoice is now generated. 
    platform image
  • You can navigate to the Invoices tab, select the previously created invoice and download it. 
    platform image

Voila! Now you have your invoice and you can pay your contractor right away.