Frequently asked questions: Withdrawal methods

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the withdrawal methods

Can I provide another person's bank details? 

Remofirst's policy stipulates that, for fund transfers, the account must be established under your name, as you are intended to be the recipient of the funds. Providing another person's bank details directly for the transfer may not be allowed, as the system is designed to ensure that transactions are conducted securely and that funds are directed to the intended recipient. It is essential to use your own account information to facilitate a smooth and secure transfer process.


How can I edit my bank details if I made mistakes during the initial entry?

If you need to edit your bank details, you can typically navigate to the 'Profile Settings' on the platform. Navigate to the Payment Details

Click on the Payment method and edit the details that need to be updated. Make sure to double-check all information for accuracy before confirming the changes to ensure a smooth and error-free transaction process.

Please be aware that if you wish to change the country associated with your account, you will need to reach out to our Customer Support team or contact your Client for assistance. 


Can I provide US-based bank account details?

Currently, we do not facilitate payments to US-based bank accounts.
Due to compliance requirements, which encompass tax reporting obligations, we disburse payments to contractors through their non-US bank accounts. In light of this, please kindly provide alternative non-US bank account details on your Remofirst account.



Can I set up an account on the platform as an entity?

Setting up an account on the platform as an entity is currently not permitted. We require individuals to use their personal bank details for transactions, as we do not allow accounts to be established under business entities. Please provide your individual bank details for accurate and secure fund transfers.



What are the fees for contractor payouts?

  • If you select the Local currency for your withdrawal, there will be no fee for you as a contractor, and you will receive the total amount that you invoice.
  • If you select the USD, it will be considered as a SWIFT payment, which typically costs more (20 USD). If your employer decides to cover this fee, you will not incur any charges.