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How to add time-off requests for your employees

Step 1. Log in to your account and select Time off from the left-side menu


Step 2. If you don’t have any time off requests, you will see the following page. To add a new time off request Select Add time off button (either at the top or at the bottom)

Step 3. Fill in the time-off details

1.    Select an employee from the list

2.    Specify the dates:
  • If you need to add multiple days, please specify Start and End date
If you need to add only one day for the time off, please select One day

  • If your employee will take time off starting from the second half of the day, please select 
    Start from second part of the day. That means that only 0.5 days will be added instead of 1 day.

  • If your employee needs to take only half a day on the last day of their time off, please select End in first half of the day. That means that only 0.5 days will be added instead of 1 day.

Total time off will be calculated to not include weekends and the national holidays of the employee's country of residence.

  • Choose Leave and Reason type

There are 3 types of Leave:

  • If Vacation is selected, the Reason type can be only Paid
  • If Sick leave is selected, the Reason type can be either Paid or Unpaid
  • If Unpaid leave is selected, the Reason type can be: Parental leave, Caregiver leave, Educational leave, Marriage leave, Military training assembly, Military medical examination, Military leave, Sabbatical, Civic Duties, Religious observance, Bereavement, Other unpaid leave

  • Provide some comments and proof

You can leave comments for the time-off request that you are creating (this step is optional). You also will need to attach a proof document for all Paid time offs (Vacation and Sick leave). For all Unpaid time-offs, this step is optional.

  • Click on the Create button.


A new time-off request will be added to the Pending tab. 


Step 4. Once a request is created, the status will be set to pending. While the status is pending, you can edit this request. To do so, open the request and select the Edit button.

This is the final step. Please wait for approval from your employee. Once it will be approved (or rejected), your request will be placed in the History tab:

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