How to create a Pay As You Go contractor (hourly rate)

This article explains how clients can create a pay as you go contractors (hourly rate) on the Remofirst platform

You can add a pay-as-you-go contractor with an hourly rate from your Remofirst Dashboard.

Step 0. Login to the Platform

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  • Enter your email associated with your account at Remofirst & password and press Log In.
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Step 1. Go to the Team page on the side navigation menu.

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Press the Add contractor button, then you will need to provide the necessary information.

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The new window will open, asking you to choose the type of contractor: Fixed or Pay as you go.

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You will need to select the Pay as you go option to add a contractor with hourly rate payment.

Then click on the Create button.


Step 2. Enter the contractor’s personal details, including name, email, and country.

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Step 3. Enter the contractor’s job details including:

  • Job title
  • Department (optional)
  • Start date

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You have to upload the contract that you have already signed with the contractor. After that, the Continue button will be active.

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Step 4. Provide compensation details. This step has multiple parts:

Hourly rate will be selected automatically

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platform imageSpecify the following details:

  • Contract currency
    • This is the currency that you (as a Client) have agreed with a contractor. The contractor will be paid either in USD or local currency.
  • Contractor rate (amount paid an hour)
  • Enter the estimated number of hours that your contractor will be working (during a week, a month, or every 2 months - depending on the payment frequency)
  • Select the payment frequency (weekly, monthly, or semi-monthly)

Now that you have entered all your contractor details, select Finish.

Step 5. An invitation will be sent to the contractor. You can continue adding workers (select Add another person) or review your contractors by selecting Go to My team.

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