Navigating International Transfer Fees: Understanding OUR, SHA and BEN

In this article, you will learn about the crucial section in the international bank or wire transfer form, "Details of Charges".

When you initiate an international bank or wire transfer to Remofirst, you will come across a crucial section in the transfer form – "Details of Charges". This section is where you specify who bears the transfer-related fees. Understanding this will help ensure your payments to Remofirst are smooth and fully accounted for.

Why Are There Transfer Fees?

  1. Bank Charges: Most banks impose a fee to process a wire transfer.

  2. Intermediary Banks: Often, your bank will route the payment through intermediary or correspondent banks to complete the transaction. These banks may deduct a fee from the transferred amount.

  3. Total Fees: The cumulative amount of these fees varies based on your bank and any intermediary banks involved.

Your Role in Covering Transfer Fees

When you pay Remofirst invoices via international bank transfer, it is crucial to cover all transfer fees, including those from intermediary banks. This ensures Remofirst receives the complete payment, facilitating timely and accurate transactions.

Understanding your options

This section, often marked as Field 71A on your bank’s form, determines who pays the transfer fees. The options are:

  1. OUR: This option means you, the sender, pay all the transfer fees. The entire amount you send is delivered to Remofirst. We recommend choosing "OUR" to ensure Remofirst receives the full payment and can process your transaction promptly.

  2. BEN: Here, Remofirst, as the beneficiary, would cover all transfer fees. This means the fees are deducted from the transfer amount, potentially leading to Remofirst receiving less than the total invoice amount.

  3. SHA: In this case, transfer fees are shared. You pay the fees charged by your sending bank, and any later charges by intermediary banks are deducted from the transfer. This might also result in a shortfall in the amount Remofirst receives.

Best Practice: Choose "OUR"

To avoid complications and ensure Remofirst receives the exact amount you intend to pay, always select "OUR." This choice ensures that intermediary bank fees are covered by you, and Remofirst receives the complete amount, allowing for immediate settlement of your payment.

Unsure? Check with Your Bank

If you have any uncertainties, we recommend contacting your bank directly. Confirm that the beneficiary, Remofirst, will not incur transfer-related fees. This clarity is vital for the timely and efficient handling of your payments.

Need Help?

If you require further assistance or have questions about handling international transfer fees, please reach out to for support. We are committed to helping you navigate these processes for a seamless payment experience.