How to use ACH as a payment method

This article is for clients who want to use ACH as a payment method.

At Remofirst, clients with US-based bank accounts who pay in USD can set up an ACH payment to automatically pull funds from their accounts. You can go through the steps below to connect your US bank account to Remofirst.

Adding ACH as a payment method

Step 1. Log in to your Remofirst account and navigate to the Payment methods tab on the sidebar menu. You can also find the Payment methods button under the Recommendation block on the Dashboard.

Platform image

Step 2. Click the Add method button.

platform image

You will be prompted to select your bank from the list and log in to your bank account. You can also use the Search box to find your bank.

platform image

Step 3. Follow the Stripe instructions to connect your account and verify some personal details.

Step 4. Link your account to Remofirst.

platform image

Success! Your account has been linked to Remofirst through Stripe. Select the Continue with Remofirst Inc button.

platform image

Click on the Submit button.

platform image

Your first payment method will appear here and will be automatically set to Primary

Enter bank details manually

As an option, you can enter the bank details manually.

platform image

Enter your bank account details and click Continue.

platform image

Confirm the details and click the Submit button.platform image

Your payment method will be added, but you will need to verify it first. You will automatically be  redirected to a new page to do so. If nothing happened, please select the Verify button.

platform image

Enter the 6-digit code from your bank statement. platform image

Then click on Verify.

platform image

If the verification is successful, you will see this page. You can close the window and return to your Remofirst account.platform image

Your payment method will become Active. Don't forget to set a primary payment method if needed.

platform image


If you exceed the number of allowed verification attempts, you will see the following message:platform image

As a result, the payment method will be removed from your Remofirst account. You will need to submit and verify it again.

platform image

Selecting your primary payment method

You can add as many accounts as you want, but you need to ensure that the one you need is set to Primary. To do so:

  • Add a new payment method
    platform image

  • Click on the Make primary button
    platform image

  • Your payment method is updated.   
    platform image

How to make a payment with ACH

You can easily pay your employees with an ACH bank transfer. 

To make payments with ACH, you need to establish an auto-pay so that eligible payroll invoices are automatically withdrawn from your account.

To do so, switch on the Auto pay from primary method.

platform image

Once you switch it on, you will be able to pay your invoices using ACH Direct Debit.

Please note that the Payment provider processing fee is 5 USD per transaction

View your invoices

When a new invoice is generated, the billing contact will receive an email notification. 

To view all your invoices, click on the Invoices tab. All Invoices that will be paid using ACH Direct Debit are indicated as ACH. 

Please note that a new payment method will be applied only for the invoices that have not been generated.

Example: If the invoice has been generated before you added the ACH payment method AND switched on the Auto-pay from primary method, you will need to initiate the payment using a Wire transfer.
And vice versa: If the ACH invoice has been generated and you switched off the Auto-pay from primary method, you will not be able to pay via Wire Transfer: you will need to initiate the payment using an ACH.  

Please contact our Finance team at to get help.

Auto payments

If you have an ACH Direct Debit set up, you will be automatically enrolled in auto-pay. This means that when the invoice payment is due, all ACH-type invoices will go to our Finance team for approval. Once they review and confirm the invoice, the funds will be automatically pulled from your bank account. The status of the invoice will be changed to Processing until we receive the funds in our account.

Once we receive the payment, the invoice status will be changed to Paid.

Please note that International bank transfers can take up to seven business days to process.