Where can I access my health insurance?

Through the Remofirst platform, you can greatly benefit from health insurance if your employer includes it as part of your benefits package. We partner with The Unisure Group, which is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority and insured by Guardrisk Insurance Company.

You can learn more about the Remofirst health insurance packages below:

1. RemoHealth Core

2. RemoHealth Standard

3. RemoHealth Plus

4. RemoHealth Premium

How to access your health insurance

Step 1. If your employer adds a RemoHealth plan, you will receive an email notification from us asking you to complete a form.

platform image

Step 2. You will need to access your Remofirst Dashboard and click on RemoHealth.

If you haven't signed the employment agreement with the local provider, please do so and complete the application form as well.

Step 3. You will be directed to a new page. Fill out the application form by providing all the required information.platform image

You will be able to add dependents for your health insurance if your employer provides you with that option.

To do so:

1. Click on the Add Dependent button

2. Provide the details of the family members you wish to include under this health insurance.

3. Press Add

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Step 4. Provide personal and medical details for yourself and all dependents you have added to the insurance coverage.

Step 5. Once you complete the form, the RemoHealth provider will process your application.  

Please note that the Health Insurance provider might request some additional information from you. In that case, you will need to complete your application.

The link on the platform will be made active again for you to return and complete any outstanding requests. The Health insurance provider will include a note inside this application to show what information is not sufficient.


Once it is activated, you will receive an email from Remofirst. Look out for an email from the Health Insurance provider (Unisure) with further steps.platform image You will be able to review the information about your package through your profile. Click on the RemoHealth section to do so.