AOR Clients | How to Set up a Contractor Agreement at Remofirst

This guide will walk you through the steps to set up a contractor agreement for AOR Clients seamlessly.

Whether you want to create a compliant contract from scratch or upload your own custom agreement, Remofirst provides the tools to streamline the process and ensure legal compliance.

Alternatively, you can access the Contract Creation Tool while adding a new contractor to the platform. 

See the full guide here: AOR Clients | How to add contractors to your team on the Remofirst platform

Step 1: Accessing the Contract Creation Tool

  • Log in to your Remofirst account and navigate to the "Agreements" tab.
  • Click on the Create new contract button

Step 2: Fill in the Details for the Contract

Once inside the Contract Creation Tool, you'll be prompted to fill in the details for the contract agreement.

  1. Contractor Details: Select the contractor from the list and make sure that the prefilled country is correct. If not, you can easily select the correct option. You can also specify the Region/State/Province if it is applicable.
  2. Contractor Job Details: Review or specify the new Job title by typing it in the field and selecting the suitable title from the provided list. You can enter the custom job title as well.
    Once selected, the scope of work will be prefilled in the field below. You can edit the scope of work as needed to align with your specific requirements.
    If needed, specify the Department below. Please note that this field is optional.
  3. Compensation: Define the compensation structure, including Contract terms, dates, rates, and payment frequency. 

    Please note that if the Contract term is Fixed term, then you will need to provide the End date of the contract
  4. Review Agreement and Send: Review the entire agreement details to ensure accuracy and completeness. If any changes are needed, click on the Edit button and update the information from here.

    Once satisfied, click on Confirm to send the contract for signature. 

Please note that once the button is clicked, contractor information will be put in the contractor agreement.

Confirmation: Once agreed, the contract is legally binding and will be shared with the contractor for e-signing.

      Once you confirm, the email will be sent to the contractor. They will be invited to sign the agreement. Once they sign it, you will be notified by email.
      You can also monitor the progress via the Agreements section. To navigate to the Agreements tab, click on the Continue button.

Once it is signed by the contractor, the status of the agreement will be changed to Signed and will be moved to the Signed agreements tab.