How to pay your contractors

This guide is for our clients who need to initiate payments for contractors

Navigate to your Dashboard and select Pay contractors.platform image

Please note, that Clients can create payments/invoices only for contractors who completed the Onboarding.

Once a contractor completes the onboarding, the system will automatically generate draft payments according to the payment frequency set during the contractor's onboarding process.


You can also edit the payment period for these payments. To do so:

  • Choose a contractor from the list and select Edit.platform image
  • Update the payment period and select Save.platform image

The period for the selected payment will be updated, and the amount will be recalculated based on this period (for fixed-rate contractors only).
platform image

Save new rate

If you would like to update the contractor's rate, you can edit it here. To do so, enter the new amount and select Save new rate in the contract. This will update the existing contractor rate. 

platform image

platform image

Please ensure that the new rate has been discussed with the contractor.

Pay any amount

If you need to pay your contractor any other amount without binding it to their rate, select Edit under the Payment.platform image

Switch to the Pay any amount tab and enter the relevant payment amount. Select Save.platform image

Your payment will be updated.platform image

Add additional payments

You can always add additional payments for your contractors by selecting the Edit button under Additional pay.

platform image

Select the Additional pay button.

platform image

Provide the required details and click Save.

platform image

Adjustments will be applied for the selected payment. 

platform imageplatform image

Generate an invoice

Now, you can generate an invoice. To do so:

  • Select the payments and click on the Create an invoice for # contractors button.
    platform image
  • Done! Your invoice is now generated. platform image
  • Navigate to the Invoices tab then select the previously created invoice and download it. platform image

Voila! Now you have your invoice, and you can pay your contractor right away ;)

To ensure payments to contractors go smoothly and are sent on time, please follow these instructions when paying based on our invoices:
  1. Use Provided Bank Details: Use the bank account details mentioned on the invoice for making the payment (Instead of Wise, kindly utilize our Nium payment details).
  2. Match the Amount: Transfer the exact amount mentioned on the invoice. Any differences may cause payment delays.
  3. Include Payment Request ID: In the transaction description, include the Payment Request ID. This helps us connect the payment to the right invoice and contractor, avoiding any mix-ups or delays.